Blue Water League of the Blind

Please come join us on December 11th for our Christmas party from 1to4pm at 2270 Water ST. we are changing the time instead of having it at night because of some of the drivers that don't like driving after dark especially if the weather is bad. If you planning to join us we are asking if you would like to bring a passing dish and a $5or $10 gift with it wrapped. The BWL will buy the chicken and drinks. We will have some music and some fun with the gifts that you will bring.

I also wanted to remind everybody it is time to renew your membership if you still choose to stay a BWL member which I hope you do. if you want to renew your membership please contact our Treasurer Wayne at
Phone; 810-982-2378 or email; him at, I also would like to remind everybody that our first business meeting will be held on January 16th 2020 we have election to attend to the offices that is coming up for election is President, Secretary. Treasurer and Delegate if you can come and join us for our first business meeting please do so. We also need to discuss if we want to do a another fundraiser, what our plans for the upcoming year, and see what you would like us as a group to do. Remember, this is your organization too. Hope to see you at the Christmas party and next month meeting, and if you can't make it to either one, we hope you have wonderful holidays. May your Holiday be full of love and happiness. May the light shine bright on you and your family. May God's love hold his joy and happiness on you and yours this holiday season. See you next year if God is willing. Have a safe holiday too.

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