We the members of the Blue Water League Of the Blind would very much like to Thank the following community and organization for the
wonderful help they have given to the BWL in the past years. Without their help we couldn't be the organization that we are today. To
everyone thank you from our heart.

To the Blue Water Area Transit:
We would like to name all of the wonderful people that have helped us out but that would take a whole page. On that note, we would just like to thank all the staff and the bus drivers. Without the BWAT we (the BWL) could not go to our meetings or other places. We couldn't ask for a better transit system. We are very lucky to have one of the most efficient transit systems here in Port Huron. Thanks to Jim Willson and his staff.

We would like to Thank the Port Huron Host Lion's Club:
The Port Huron Host Lion's has been a part of the Blue Water League
of the Blind for many, many years. They put on a picnic for the members of the BWL every year. They also put on a wonderful Christmas party with wonderful gifts. The Lion's help to pay for the members that go to the winter camp for a weekend in February. The Lion's will help people that have a hard time getting eye glasses and hearing aids. The Lion's will try to help when they can. We know that the lion's will always be a part of the BWL, and again Thank you Port Huron Host Lion's Club.

This Thank You goes out to the Saint Clair County United Way:

Without their wonderful help to the Blue Water League of the Blind we would not be able to go to winter camp or to our state convention or trips to Lansing or other places. Thank you United Way for your generous gifts to us at the BWL,

We also would like to Thank The Knights of Columbus for their help
with putting on a Pancake Breakfast fundraiser for the Blue Water League of the Blind. We Thank them very much for doing that for us.

We would also like to thank the Angry Bull and the Dorsey House
restaurants for their wonderful smiles and very good food when the Blue Water League of the Blind visit their places. And to all the other
restaurants around the Port Huron area that we have visited.

Thank You to the Saint Clair County Library for the Blind and Physically Handicapped for their support and help to the Blue Water League of the Blind. A very big thank you to Mary and Barb. They're always there to help us out when we need it. The BWL Book Talker book club would like to thank Mary for her leadership in the book club.

There is a lot of wonderful people and organization out there that
have helped out the Blue Water league of the Blind for many years. Thank you to all of you that have helped and supported us.


I would very much like to take this time to say to everybody that
help supported and Sponsor and Donated to help The Blue Water League of the Blind to put on this year 2019 annual State Convention of the Michigan Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired, I very much like to Thank You for your generous support in helping us put on a great convention.

First of all I would like to thank Chelsey Winkle and her staff at
The Blue Water Convention Center for all their hard work in helping us make this convention happen. I also would like to Thank Samantha Cuppen and her staff at the DoubleTree By Hilton for all their great help in making us feel at home at the hotel. Again Thank you both and your staff for helping us out and making this convention a good one.

I would like to Thank all of our special Sponsor's
1. Mike Strawski for his supporting the BWL these last few years or more.
2. The Port Huron Host lion's Club Thank you for your support in the
BWL all these years you have been a very big help and supporter of this Organization.
3. The Blue Water Transit we would like to Thank You in your support in the BWL, We would like to thank you for a great Trolley ride at our
convention the members really enjoy learning about the history of our
town. And Thank You Jim wilson and all your Staff for all your hard
work getting us around and about places where we need to go.
4. Randlall's Funeral Home Thank You for your support and helping us out.
5. United Way Thanks to the Staff of the United Way they have been a
big supporter of the BWL for many of years they have help us in so many ways thanks again for your support in us.
6 Semco Energy Gas Co. your support was very welcome.
7. Ted's Coley Island for your support in the BWL.
8. Deb Robbinson We would like to Thank You for helping sponsoring us you are a true friend .
9. Lindsey LaVere Thank You in helping us out and sponsoring us too.
And to all the Stores and Restaurant who Donated Gifts and Gift Cards
to help us out too. we very much like to thank you for your generous
help in supporting us I would like to list everybody but it is a long
list I just don't want to miss anybody so thank you again.
I would like to Thank You Mike smith and Tyrone Hamilton, Thanks Mike for all your hard work in streaming the convention on the MCBVI Radio all weekend if it wasn't for you the members that couldn't make it to the convention could hear it on the MCBVI Radio good job as always. And to Tyrone Thank You for your wonderful entertainment for doing our social hour and doing our memorial service.

I also would like to Thank Kyle Austin for being our auctioneer
again this year and thanks to everybody that brought items and bought items we made a lot of money for the MCBVI.

And I would like to Thank David Russwel for coming and speaking at
our banquet he was our special guest he talk about his writings and howhis books became and he also played the piano for us too. I also would like to Thank all the speakers that came and spoke to us about
different subjects and a big Thank you to Claire Stanly who cane from
ACB to talk too us. I have to Thank Tony Magbanua for all his help for
keeping up our website and for helping putting up the registration form on the website for our members could sign up for the convention thank you Tony for a good job.

And most of all I very much like to give a extra-large Thank You to
all my committee and my BWL members for their support and help putting on this year convention. Thank to Bob Furtado for working on getting all the speakers and for doing other things, Thanks to Wayne LePiors for all his finance's to to make the convention run good to keep everything in order. A very big Thank you to Cindy and Larry neuman and Judy Duckworth for getting gifts and gift cards to help us out and and a very big Thanks to Yvonne and Dennis DeWitt Crystal and Tony Magbanua for all their help for getting people to their rooms and from the hotel to the convention center and everything else I don't want to forget Lindsey and Judy, Jeremy LaVere and Carry and all their friends that has help the BWL out for the last few years thank you.

To everybody thank you with out you this Blue Water League would not exist so Thank You again for being a part of this chapter of the BWL


‚ÄčThank Yous

Blue Water League of the Blind

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