Blue Water League of the Blind

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We would like to take this time to thank and remember all our members of the Blue Water League of the Blind that have come and gone before us.

If it wasn't for all of our wonderful founding members the BWL wouldn't be what it is today. The BWL was started in 1954 and it is still going strong.

Even if these members that has come and gone, we still have two
outstanding members that still belong to the BWL. They both have been
members for almost thirty years. They are David Ellingwood and Michael Geno,

With all the wonderful members that we had in the past there is one
outstanding member and very good friend we remember that is our past
President Jeanette Geno. Jeanette was our president for 17 years but she was a member of the BWL before she became president. Jeanette was very active and both organizations of the BWL and the MCBVI plus the Lion's Club.

Jeanette is survived by her loving husband and best friend also by 3
daughters, son-in-law and 4 grandchildren and many, many friends. We
will remember her for her laughter and her smiles. Jeanette was one of
those people that when she walked in a room and smiled she could
brighten up a room. I know wherever she is I can hear her running a meeting and saying, "Hi guys!" We will miss her but she will never be forgot.

This following Memorial is from the BWL Members:

As our path in life ends on earth and Jeanette's new life begins, if I ever had a choice in a friend it would be Jeanette. Her strong belief in the church and God will help her finding her way to heaven knowing she will be met at the gates with a smile.

Jeanette will be remembered for her kindness and attitude. Her strength in life will carry on in heaven and she will be rememberd for her acts of kindness. On earth she will be remembered as a warm and friendly leader in our community.

Jeanette was more then a member of The Blue Water League of the Blind, where she led this organization for seventeen years. Where she will tremendously be missed.

Jeanette's husbands love and devotion is a example of Jeanette's love of life a precedent that should be follow by all. Her battle in life and ability to overcome and life to the end is a role model to all who knew her.

Jeanette laugh and high guys will be remember by all. In our hearts jeanette is not gone for she has left a especial part of her in everybody that new her and love her.

Jeanette will be greatly missed through our Michigan Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired and the Blue Water League of the Blind,

Go with God in heaven and rejoice in his ever lasting love.