This year's theme is Disability in the 21st Century: Reflection back and Looking Forward

Date: Thursday, October 24th through Sunday October 27, 2019 
Place: Blue Water Convention Center & Double-Tree by Hilton
           800 Harker Street
           Port Huron, MI 48060
Cost: of Hotel $75 per night with 11% tax which comes to $83.25

To make your Reservation please use the code word: LOB
The number to call:
Hotel # 810-984-8000
Reservation Line: 1-855-610-8733

The Convention Center and Hotel overlooks the Saint Clair River and Lake Huro. It is right next to the Blue Water Bridges. The Convention Center and Hotel is all inside. there is a gift shop that sells Michigan products. There is also a great restaurant named Freighters which has good food. There will be a relief area for your service dogs., The hotel has a health club and an indoor pool. There is also wifi throughout the hotel and convention center.
For the Convention, we will have speakers and break-out sessions through Friday & Saturday and a program on Sunday. Of course, we will have our annual Auction and Kyle Austin said he would be our Auctioneer again this year. We will also have our banquet on Saturday night. 

As time goes along we will update this page for you to check out. You don't have to be low-vision or blind to join us at the convention. All you need is to keep watching this page for more updates.




OCTOBER 24th -27th 2019

"Disability in the 21st Century, Reflecting Back and Looking


Hosted By The Blue Water League of the Blind

DoubleTree by Hilton

800 Harker ST.

Port Huron MI. 48060

Phone: 810-984-8000

Reservation line: 1-855-610-8733

If you haven't made your reservation yet please do so and when you call
in please use the code word (LAB) or say you are with the MCBVI,
Your reservation must be made by September 3rd 2019 for you to get the
special rate of $75 per night with 11% tax. After that date you will
have to pay a higher price for your room. If you get your reservation in
by this date, the cost of the room with taxes is $83.75 per
night and if you share a room it will save you some money.

The DoubleTree Hotel and The Blue Water Convention Center is located on
the mouth of the beautiful Lake Huron and the Saint Clair River south
of the Blue Water Bridges. The hotel has only 2 floors it easy to
navigate from the hotel to the Convention Center, When you go through
the lobby of the hotel go straight to the hallway and turn right down a
short hall, then turn left, go down the hall the Grand Ballroom is on. The
left side of the hall there is a sign on the wall next to the door. It
has raised letters and braille on it. The hotel also has great sleeping
rooms and a pool, also an Exercise Room. The hotel has Wi-Fi through out
the Hotel and Convention Center. There is a Gift Shop and a Restaurant, Freighters has great food and it also has a Bar.

At the hotel there will be doors to take your dogs out. We will show you
what doors to use when you get there. There will also will be bags at
the front desk if you forget your bags. Please clean up after your
dogs. It isn't up to the hotel staff to clean up after your dogs and it
isn't fair for other people to step in your dog’s mess. Thank you for
your understanding on this matter.


Registration fees is $20 per members or $30 per non-members. All
registration forms must be in by September 20th 2019. If your
registration form isn't in by this date the cost goes up. Will cost you
$30 per members and $40 per non-members. See Registration Form for
further details

You can send your registration forms out in the mail or print it out or email, or Phone it in. We are sending an addressed envelope with a stamp on it. It will be on the MCBVI and the BWL Websites. Go to www.michigancounciloftheblind.org or www.bwlblind.org

Or you can phone it in at 1-206-666-3696. Please send your form back by
9-20-19. You can send your registration form back with your payment of a
Check or Money Order or you can pay by PayPal just go on the BWL
Website, click on PayPal ,and if you have any problem please contact
Wayne LePiors at; 810-982-2378 or Email; waynesworld50@comcast.net,


There will be over 10 Breakout Session you may want to attend. All
Sessions will be in the Grand Ballroom. The room will be divided into two
rooms. The Ballroom will be for all our meetings and meals. The other
room will be for our breakout room and exhibit area. The sessions will
have Experts in their fields. From Advocacy, Michigan Protection and Advocacy,
Assistive Technology, The U.S. Department of Justice, College
Disability Resource. Cooking with Adaptive Devices, Dealing with
Depression and Anxiety, and also an Officers Training Session. Don't
miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge on the American with Disabilities Act. It's also a great way for MCBVI members to exchange ideas, and for non-members to know what our Organization is all about.

All breakout sessions will be held in the ballroom. If you can’t attend
one of the breakout session on Friday you can attend the next day on
Saturday. There also will be a general Business Meeting held on
Saturday afternoon. Also the Hospitality room will be in the Grand
Ballroom after all the Activities. The Hospitality Room will be open until 10pm there will be Snacks and Drinks.

EXHIBIT AREA: The exhibit area will be open on both Friday and
Saturday from 9am to 4pm. If you would like to exhibit your products or
if you know of anybody else that would like to be an exhibiter. Please
contact; Phyllis Magbanua at 810-966-9185 or email at;
bliss@samobile.net <mailto:bliss@samobile.net>. Their isn't any cost
for to setup in the exhibit area.


Again you can listen to the Convention on the MCBVI Radio if you can't
make it to this year Convention you can tune in to listen to the
Convention on the radio. Just go to the website at; www.mcbviradio.com
<http://www.mcbviradio.com> an listen to our own Mike Smith broadcast
it on the radio all through most of the Convention. You also can tune
in all the programs they have from all kind of music to all the
activities they have 24 hours a day. Tune in and you won't be
disappointed in what you hear.


Thursday October 24th if you can make it on this day we will meet about
5:30 pm to take a Trolley Ride through the down town Port HUron area
and hear about the history of Port Huron and Thomas Edison home town
where he lived and worked. Then we will come back to the Convention
Center and meet in the Ballroom for Meet and Greet and have some pizza
and drinks and meet up with old friends and new friends.


Breakfast from 7 to 8 am. First session will start at 8:30 am. Lunch
from 12 to 1pm. After lunch the second session will start at 1pm until
4pm. You are on your own for dinner. There is Freighters Restaurant in
the Hotel or if you know a place where you would like to go we can try
to get the Blue Water Transit to come pick you up and take you and back
to the hotel.


Friday we will start at 7pm, we will have a Speaker. City of Port Huron
City Mayer Pauline Rapp.

Then we will have an update on this year's Election, with Resolutions
followed by this year annual auction. Coming back this year as our
Auctioneer is Kyle Austin. If you wish to bring a auction item please
do so. The more auction items we have the more money that the MCBVI will make.

This money helps this Organization keep on going. If you wish to please
bring a door prize, every little thing helps. And if you wish to be a
sponsor or if you know anybody that would like to be a sponsor please
contact Wayne LePiors Phone; 810-982-2378 or email;
waynesworld50@comcast.net if you can help we appreciated it. Thank you
for your support of this organization.


We will start with breakfast at 7Am. First sessions will start at
8;30am. Lunch from 12 to 1pm. After lunch we will have voting for our
New Board Members. Then at 2pm will be our Annual General Business
Meeting until 4pm.

Saturday Night we will start off with cocktails starting at 6pm there
will be a open Cash Bar until 10pm.

During cocktail hour our own Tyrone Hamilton will keep us entertain us
with great music. At 7pm Dinner will be served and after dinner we have
a speaker. David Russell will talk about growing up and learning about
how to be a writer. He is a author he has written a few books. He also
plays the piano.


Starting breakfast at 7am. After breakfast at 8;30am we will have our
Annual Memorial Service. If you know of anybody that has passed away or
if you know of anybody that has been sick, please let us know. After the
memorial service we will have a presentation from our President
Rosemarie Facilla on the goals for the future of MCBVI then the closing
of the Convention.

MEALS; Friday Breakfast you have the option to choose one. $15 per person;

Breakfast Burritos with (egg, bacon, potato and cheese) with a side of
Salsa serve with Fruit yogurt Parfait or an Crapes with cheese filling
serve with fresh fruit this is a (Vegetarian option)

Friday's Lunch $13 or $15 with a can of pop which is $2 (choose one)

Box Lunches, Turkey and Bacon, Grill Chicken, Roast Beef all serve on a
Crescent Roll all box lunches comes with a small salad, bag of chip and
a cookie or Grill Vegetable this is a (Vegetarian option).

Saturday Breakfast $15 per person (choose one).

Cheesy Scramble eggs with bacon, hash brown potato serve with Fresh
Fruit (Vegetarian option without Bacon).

Saturday Lunch $13 or $15 with a can of pop $2 (choose one)

Boxs lunch, Ham and Swiss, or Turkey and Bacon serve on a Crescent roll
or a Michigan Cherry

Chicken Salad or A House Salad (Vegetarian option)

Saturday night Dinner $27 per person (choose one)

Roasted Sirloin serve with Garlic Parsley Redskins Potato, spring mix
Salad with Homemade Vinaigrette or Vegetarian Lasagna a (Vegetarian
option) all of it comes with California Blend Vegetable, Homemade Rolls
and Butter .

Sunday Breakfast $15 per person (choose One)

Waffles serve with Sausage or a Breakfast Casserole (Vegetarian option).

Please consider staying for the meals that are being served in the
ballroom. The cost of the meals will keep the cost of the room rate down.

Please note, absolutely no outside food or beverages in any of the
meeting rooms or any public area. You may have food or beverages in
your sleeping rooms.

There will be an all-day Coffee, hot Tea and water service in the ball
room on Friday and Saturday.

Michigan Council of the Blind and Visually Impaired (MCBVI) and The
Blue Water League of the Blind (BWL) is not required under the ADA to
provide personal care assistants around the clock. Or Service of any
kind. The MCBVI and The BWL and the Hotel and Convention staff and
volunteer's cannot administer medication or provide transportation
other than what is listed. Attempt to provide transportation to and
from on Bus, Train, or Airport. If arrangement are made when you register.

A limited of number of volunteer will available to assist you around
the Convention but not able not to provide extensive guide service or
personal care assistance.

We look forward to seeing you in October at this year's MCBVI State
Convention. If you need any more information please contact Phyllis or
Bob our information is Phyllis ph: 810-966-9185 or email:
bliss@samobile.net or Bob at ph: 810-385-5357 email:
bobthebrailler@yahoo.com <mailto:bobthebrailler@yahoo.com> or you
contact Wayne LePiors

1117 Miller ST.

Port Huron MI. 48060

ph; 810-982-2378

email: waynesworld50@comcast.net <mailto:waynesworld50@comcast.net>.

Thank You and see you at the 46th MCBVI STATE CONVENTION. Hosted by the BWL.


MCBVI 2019 Convetnion Registration Form



October 24 – 27, 2019

Hosted by: The Blue Water League of the Blind

PLEASE fill out this Registration Form (one form for each person)


Street Address:

City, State, ZIP Code:



I would like convention materials in (check one)

☐ Print ☐ Braille ☐ Digital by email

Registration Fee (check one)

☐ $20 members until September 20, 2019

☐ $30 members 9/21/19 or later

☐ $30 non-members until September 20, 2019

☐ $40 non-members 9/21/19 or later

Meal Selections:

Breakfast -7am Friday $15 (check one)

☐ Breakfast Burrito: egg, bacon, potato and cheese with a side of
salsa, served with fruit yogurt parfait

☐ Crepes with cheesy filling (Vegetarian)

Lunch- 12pm Friday $13 or $15 with a can of pop

Pop: ☐ Yes or ☐ No

Box Lunch (check one) includes sandwich, salad, chips and


☐ Turkey Bacon

☐ Grilled Chicken

☐ Roast Beef

☐ Grilled Vegetables (Vegetarian Option)

Breakfast - 7am Saturday $15 (check one)

☐ Three Cheese Scramble -eggs with bacon, potatoes and

fresh fruit

☐ Vegetarian Option -same as above without the bacon

Lunch -1 2pm Saturday $13.00 or $15,00 with a can of pop

​Pop: ☐ Yes or ☐ No

Boxed lunch comes on a croissant (Check one)

☐ Ham and Swiss

☐ Turkey Bacon

☐ Michigan Chicken Cherry Salad ☐ House Salad

Saturday Night Banquet; $27 ( Check one)

☐ Sirloin Beef ☐ Vegetarian Lasagna (Vegetarian Option)

Dinner served with fresh homemade rolls/butter, spring mix

salad with vinaigrette, grilled parsley redskin potatoes, and

California blend vegetables.

** 6pm - 7pm: Social Hour with music by Tyrone

Cash Bar – 6pm to 10pm

Breakfast - 7am Sunday; $15 Per person (Check one)

☐ Waffle with sausage and fresh fruit, or

☐ Breakfast Casserole with fresh fruit

Aira will be at this year's convention!

If you choose to sign up or try out Aira at the convention,

Aira will donate $10 to MCBVI. Check it out!

(tally sheet available on last page to calculate your total)

Make payment to :

BWL/Convention and send check or money order to

Wayne LePiors

1117 Miller St., Port Huron MI. 48060


pay online www.bwlblind.org <http://www.bwlblind.org> and go to the
PayPal link.

If you have any questions please contact: Wayne at 810-982-2378 or
waynesworld50@comcast.net or contact Phyllis at 810-966-9185 or

If you are planning to take a bus and/or train to Port Huron, please
let us know what time you are arriving so we can pick you up/ return
you to the station.

☐ Train Station Port Huron

Arrival: ______________

Return: ______________

Do you need an Assistive Listening device?

☐ Yes or ☐ No

Please list/describe any other specialized requirements below:




Regisgtration Fee ($20, 30 or 40- see above)




Friday Breakfast ($15)



Registration Fee ($20, 30 or 40- see above)


Friday Breakfast ($15) $__________ Friday Lunch ($13 or $15) $__________

Saturday Breakfast ($15) $__________

Saturday Lunch ($13 or $15) $__________

Saturday Banquet Dinner ($27) $__________

Sunday Breakfast ($15) $__________

TOTAL: $__________

Thank you!

Looking forward to a great 2019 MCBVI State Convention!

Hosted by the BLUE Water League of the Blind.

Blue Water League of the Blind

Call Us: +1 8109822378