​Contact Information for the BWL Board Members

Phyllis Magbanua
Phone#: 810-966-9185
Cell#: 810-434-0761
Email: bliss@sero.net

Vice President
Bob Furtado
6209 North RD.
Burchville MI. 48058
Phone# 810-385-5357

Email: bobthebrailler@yahoo.com

Lindsey LaVere
Cell#: 810-488-9795
Email: lllnlln@yahoo.com

Wayne LePiors
Phone#: 810-982-2378
Cell#: 810-334-7140
Email: waynesworld50@comcast.net

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Meeting Place:
United Way Carriage House
1723 Military ST.
Port Huron MI.

The Carriage House is right behind the United Way.

We meet once a month provided that we don't have an activity scheduled for that month.

Blue Water League of the Blind

Contact Us

Call Us: +1 8109822378